Hole 7 : Relief

Relief? What relief?

This is a short Par 3, but what a Par 3!! Sure, you can see the green from the tee and it's not very far away. But how to get on to it, and how to stay there? That's the question.

(Actually, the name of the hole refers to the fact that toilet facilities are available here!)

Ladies: 141m (No 13 on the card)

Men : 141m (No 15 on the card)



From the joint tee. Yes, the green IS visible, peeping out from behind the rocks.

So, this is the problem. How to get past those rocks, and how to stay there once you do, all the while avoiding that pesky bunker!


Of course, if you go right off the tee then this is where you will end up. You'll probably find your ball, but will you be able to reach the green?

It all looks simple when you get down there, but there is still a bit of a sloping surface to contend with.