Hole 8 : Gully

Gully, the golfers friendly Par 4. You can blast off the tee, over the hill and there's a fair chance that you'll be in the middle of the fairway.

Ladies: 290m (No 11 on the card)

Men : 331m (No 7 on the card)



From the mens tee, aim out across the top of the white marker pole, just visible on the brow of the hill in front. Don't go left as there is a large area where you will not find your ball if you happen to so stray.

From the ladies tee you also head out over the white marker pole.

Once you reach the brow of the hill the gully comes into view, offering a nice approach to the green at the far end.

And here is the green, everything sloping towards it.

Back on the tee, you'll often see cyclists riding past on the Central Otago Rail Trail. This is a 150km ride, usually taking three days, between Clyde and Middlemarch.

This is the view of the Gully, taken from the sixth tee - another panorama brought to you by the Omakau Golf Club!