Hole 9 : Hawduns

Hawkduns is the men's first and only Par 5 and it's not too bad as par 5s go. Down hill for the first half, so you can let rip with your driver. Just dodge the trees on the right, unless you wish to try for a short cut through them.

Ladies: 431m (No 7 on the card)

Men : 467m (No 9 on the card)



The men's tee, with the ladies not too far ahead. A nice open downhill fairway, ready for your last big shot of the day.

All going well, your drive will open up a nice view of the green, down towards the club house.

If you did stray to the right off the tee then you have the choice of a narrow gap through the trees, or to be sensible and chip out on to the fairway. Not for the faint-hearted!


At last - the green. Lovely and flat to reward those on in three (or two?). Just one small bunker on the left.